Smart lighting will be injected into the city

When humble fixtures are equipped with sensors and connected to the cloud, they can unleash truly brilliant ideas. Smart lighting makes cities less crowded, more efficient, safer, more efficient factories, and more efficient commercial buildings.

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This is just the beginning. As more and more systems synchronize, developers use open platforms to create new applications, and people from all walks of life, from scientists to factory managers to ordinary citizens, will have new ways to improve the environment.

Combining sensors and street lights can create "smart street lights" that can sense their surroundings. The data they collect can help city managers effectively deploy services and make residents' lives safer and easier. Smart street lights can also help cities to be cleaner and more environmentally friendly.
In the future, data from smart lighting may motivate software developers to create mobile applications that will lead drivers to open areas, ease traffic congestion, and allow air purifiers to breathe.

This is just the beginning of the city processing traffic data. City engineers can identify incidents that can avoid collisions, thereby helping them identify dangerous intersections. Data on pedestrian and bicycle traffic can be collected to help administrators determine where to add stop signs, intermediate belts or bicycle lanes.

Smart street lights may follow the same evolution as smart phone companies let developers create their own applications. In the early days of smartphones, no one could predict that the car-hailing app would become a billion-dollar business. Similarly, democratizing street lamp development may trigger an unexpected wave of innovation.

Imagine a world where electric vehicle drivers can see if their favorite charging station has a line. Or where to find the crowd of trucks so that they can develop their business. Or where street lights help guide autonomous vehicles and drones.

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